4Sight Risk Management Strategies LLC
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"Rent-A-Risk Manager"

Risk Management “Strategies”


“A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
Mark Twain


Your clients can obtain the same Risk Management “Strategies” and advise utilized by contractors with multi-billion dollar construction and development exposures.  We are experienced as the Risk Manager of one of ENR’s top 10 largest Contractors and acted as the outsourced Risk Manager of another.  Our Risk Management proficiencies includes Construction and Development of Commercial Building Construction, Residential (High Rise and Stick), Big Box Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Stadium, Civil, Street and Road including asphalt and concrete paving, Utility, Pipeline Construction, Bridges, Marine, and Tunneling.

“Rent – a – Risk Manager”

4Sight Risk Management Strategies LLC “Rent a Risk Manager” program is a comprehensive evaluation of how Risk is managed within a company.  For Prime Contractors, Subcontractors, Construction Suppliers, and Developers who do not have a full time in house Risk Manager, 4Sight RMS will fulfill that function at a fraction of the cost. 

After an initial interview with senior management, we conduct a multiple day review of your risk management practices.  This includes everything from how you manage certificates of insurance for vendors, to contract management, insurance purchases, safety, claims, job selection, estimating, purchasing, job team management, scheduling, project documentation…

Ideally, you will want us to interview employees, subcontractors/suppliers, and clients.

We will share our results and recommendations in a written report and review meeting with your senior management.  Additionally, we will assist you in the implementation of any recommendations that you elect to implement.   For the year following the evaluation, we will be available to you for risk management related questions, and issues that may arise.

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