4Sight Risk Management Strategies LLC
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For Agents and Brokers

“Strategies” for Agents and Brokers

4Sight Risk Management Strategies LLC is a Construction focused Risk Management and Insurance resource for Agents and Brokers.   We supplement your in house capabilities in acquiring new business and servicing existing clients.

Experience and Capabilities

4Sight RMS offers your and your clients the unique blend of experiences from the vocations of Construction Underwriter/Underwriting Executive, Broker, and Construction Risk Manager.  We are recognized for our ability to innovate solutions to the most difficult Risk Management and Insurance issues.  By way of example, we innovated the first ever WC Deductible program for a Contractor experiencing extraordinary RML’s.  We have underwritten, brokered and managed as a Construction Risk Manager Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) Programs, SDI claims, Captive Insurance Companies, Wrap Up Insurance Programs, Loss Portfolio Transfers, Alternative Risk Financing programs such as finite risk, contingent capital, loss mitigations.  And, we are also experienced with any number of traditional insurance programs involving almost every traditional coverage.

Services and Strategies for Brokers and Agents

  • Insurance Policy Coverage Review and Analysis.
  • Contract Review and Analysis.
  • Risk Management Strategies:  “Rent –a-Risk Manager”.
  • Collateral Management “Strategies”:  Loss Portfolio Transfers.
  • Wrap Up Insurance Program Strategies:
    • For Wrap Up Participants.
    • For Wrap Up Sponsors.
  • Wrap Up Close Out Resolution “Strategies”.
  • Insurance as a “Profit Center”.
  • Captive Insurance Company “Strategies”.
  • Alternative Risk Financing “Strategies”.
  • Insurance Cost Allocation under FAR.
  • Subcontractor Default Insurance:
    • SDI Claims “Strategies”.
    • SDI Risk Management Assessment.
    • SDI Subcontractor Qualification/PreQualification.
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