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4Sight Risk Management Strategies LLC conducts educational and entertaining seminars.  These can be used internally for your in house staff, or as a function for Clients and Prospective Clients.  The length and content of the seminars can be modified to fit that audience.  Here are some examples:

  • Wrap Up Defense.  What Contractors and Subcontractors should look for when working on a job that is insured under a Wrap Up Insurance Program.  What questions to ask.  How to negotiate terms and conditions.
  • Captives 101.  The basics of Captive Insurance Companies. Advantages, Disadvantages.  What to look for if approached about a Group Captive.  What is involved in setting up a Captive.  Captive myths.
  • Loss Sensitive Programs – From the Underwriter’s Perspective.  How insurance companies underwrite, price and structure Loss Sensitive Programs such as Deductibles, Retrospective Rating and Self Insured Retentions.  Collateral and other contractual requirements.  Preparing underwriting submissions.
  • Subcontractor Qualification/Prequalification.  This Seminar can take several different shapes.  For Subcontractors, - What SDI/Subguard Prime Contractors are going to be looking for in their Prequalification. For Prime Contractors – the seminar is focused on how to better qualify your subcontractors, regardless if they use SDI/Subguard or not.  Though it is a great prep course for anyone interested in SDI/Subguard.
  • Avoiding Subcontractor Defaults. Managing Subcontractors to avoid Defaults. Also known as Managing Subcontractors under SDI/Subguard.
  • Coverage Bloopers.  This is a fun but educational review of actual endorsements on actual policies.  Watch Out – some of these are standard endorsements with the major construction insurers.  We also discuss how to negotiate them with underwriters.
  • Insurance Cost Allocation under FAR/CAS.  This seminar reviews FAR/CAS and how to avoid problems with insurance cost allocation on Federal Projects.
  • Risk Management for Contractors/Subcontractors.  Who do not have a full time in house Risk Manager.

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