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SDI Sub Pre-Qual

Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) “Strategies”

4 Sight RMS Subcontractor Qualification “Strategies”


4Sight RMS is willing to consider providing certain “Strategies” designed to supplement and augment your Subcontractor Qualification/Pre-Qualification and Selection.  The actual outsourced Subcontractor  activities that 4Sight RMS provides are different from client to client, predicated on factors such as your internal  resources and how you qualify subcontractors. 

While not intended to be an exhaustive list, some examples of where 4Sight RMS might provide an advantage in Qualifying Subcontractors:

  • Subcontractor Financial Qualification.  (See below)
  • Management the overall Qualification Process.
    • An “Outsourced Subcontractor Qualification Quarterback.”
  • Documentation Management.
  • Review of “Subcontractor Qualification Applications” (the qualification information provided to you by subcontractors and internal information gathered) for “red flags”.
  • Resource to your decision makers:
    • An objective third party resource for those who are buying out the subcontract to discuss decision making thought process, specific issues with a subcontract or subcontractor.
    • Incorporating Subcontractor Management Controls.
    • Subcontract Management.

Subcontractor Financial Qualification.   4Sight RMS offers a unique approach toward evaluating a subcontractor’s financial qualifications.  Evaluating a Subcontractor with audited Financial Statements requires a very different approach than evaluating a smaller subcontractor who does not have audited financials or self-prepares their financial statements.  Appraising a Subcontractor’s financial capabilities for an SID job should be vastly different from underwriting a subcontractor for a multiple year surety program.


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